The most popular speculation to strike #NTR31 on wednesday morning was the possibility of this well-known star heroine joining the ensemble. Many people have been wondering if she will take on the project or not ever since this discussion was made public, however, it is actually the other way around. Take a peek at the excerpt.

A Mumbai-based media outlet reported this morning that Jr. NTR's follow-up film, #NTR31, which he will begin shooting after finishing koratala Siva's Devara, is really in talks with bollywood star priyanka Chopra. Many people have been wondering whether priyanka chopra will accept this offer ever since this story first surfaced. Now we may look at this from a different perspective.

Even though priyanka appeared in the Citadel series, it's doubtful that her celebrity has grown to the point where she's a hollywood superstar. She still wants indian films, but there aren't any large ones available. However, if she agrees to appear in a telugu film directed by prashanth neel and starring NTR, her career will advance both domestically and internationally.

Nowadays, practically all of the top bollywood actors are eager to sign telugu films, which would undoubtedly give Priyanka's career a tremendous boost should she sign #NTR31. Her inclusion won't have a big impact on the already successful kgf director and rrr actor, but it's still worthwhile.

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