In her complaint to the chennai city police, actress Gautami Tadimalla claims that a builder and his family violated her trust and illegally took possession of her land in Sriperumbudur, which is worth more than Rs 25 crore. Gautami said in her police statement that she had used money from the film business to buy 46 acres of land in Sriperumbudur, a town close to Chennai. She stated that the land is currently valued at around Rs 25 crore.

Gautami had planned to sell the land to raise money for her daughter's schooling and to pay for her medical bills. A city builder apparently approached her after hearing about her ideas and offered to help with the purchase. According to Gautami, she gave the builder power of attorney, which he allegedly exploited to seize control of her property. The Central Crime Branch (CCB) has received the actress's complaint for further investigation. Soon, more information about the same will be released. After 12 years of marriage, the 55-year-old Gautami divorced kamal haasan in 2016.

She further disclosed that the constructor had committed four frauds and embezzled the documents. After Gautami and her daughter got murder and rape threats, the woman mentioned that she had filed a new complaint against the builder and his wife. She claimed that the builder, Alagappan, was interfering with her and her daughter's lives with the help of political thugs. The abrupt threats have caused great distress for both her and her daughter, who has been unable to focus on her studies, according to Gautami. She has requested that the police take legal action to reclaim her property and has encouraged them to take quick action against the builder.

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