Former actress sana khan is enjoying her parenthood these days. She has given birth to a son. sana and her

husband Mufti Ansad Sayyed welcomed their first child in the month of July this year.

For the first time after the birth of their son, sana and her husband have gone to london on an international trip.

During this time a major accident happened to the couple. He told that even after two days of reaching london he

did not receive his luggage.

Sana Khan stuck at london airport

Sana shared the video on her insta story and said that she had reached london with her child and husband on 14th

September. But till now they have not been able to get the goods. He said, 'It was a night flight and it was already

two hours late. Then we got off the flight and couldn’t find our luggage. After this we went to the baggage counter

to find out. no one was there. We were then sent to the ground floor. Here also nothing was found and after this we

were sent to the second floor. Then it came to light that the luggage was not loaded on the flight because it was a

connecting flight.

The actress narrated her story

While narrating her ordeal, sana said, We have not changed our clothes for two days and are still waiting for our

luggage at the airport. We also have a child whose clothes are changed at least 5 times a day. There are also 10

diapers. At this moment we have nothing. We have to buy, which is a headache. In this video, sana has tagged the

airlines and asked them to return her luggage. At the same time, she is continuously sharing all the updates related

to this.

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