Director threw away the cell phone in Simran's face..!?

Simran's realistic performance and dance have been celebrated by many fans and seen as a dream girl. In that way, she became the favorite actress of many actors. A director has gone to the extreme of anger that he did not get such a performance. This means that the actors and actresses should perform to the extent that the performance meets the director's expectations. If not, he will behave very angrily during the shooting. In that way, a scene acted by simran did not satisfy him, so he took many takes. However, as the director did not get a realistic performance from simran as expected, he showed anger without even seeing her as a great actress. That director is none other than SJ surya, who is currently acting as an acting monster in many films. That is, the director of the new movie is S.J. Surya. Initially, only ajith and jyothika were committed to act in it.
But as they did not act, SJ became the hero. surya burst into action. Also, simran acted instead of Jyothika. At first, simran was very reluctant to act. But after that, he is a big director so simran gave his consent to act in the hope that the film will go well. Simran's performance in general is known to everyone. Such a person is not acting properly, so s.j. surya gets angry and asks her to repeat the scene. In the end, he throws the cell phone away in anger because she didn't do it right. Due to this, simran is very angry and has left the shooting site. Then S.J. called her. It was Suriya's assistant director who called back and made her act. It is because of this expectation that he is now acting as an acting monster in many important roles and is getting the applause of the fans.

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