Day by day, Rathika Rose game scares. I don't know when this Kiladi lady will take any decision. There are indications that Yavar will be in danger after falling under her spell. If Geethu Royal, who participated in the last season, Srisatya is added, then Rathika can be said to be Rose. This selling game, the strategies are terrible. Pallavi wins over prashant by herself... She gets close saying I will give you my heart. Tira nominated her in the elimination by saying, "What are you?" Pallavi Prashant's mind was blacked by that blow. Her focus has been on prince Yavar for a week. Melted him with laughter and sweet words. Yavar says whatever she does is right. The twist is.. Ratika is not honest about him either. bigg boss gave Amardeep, Shobha Shetty and prince Yavar a chance to become the third contestant. bigg boss ordered to tell in the confession room who among these three is deserving of power astra. As it is told in the confession room, the three contestants do not know who they said is not eligible. prince Yavar's name was exceptionally named by Rathika. Shobha Shetty, who is at loggerheads with her, says that prince Yavar, who is close to her, is not worthy of amar Deep. bigg boss revealed the videos of who said whose name in the confession room. Then Yawar came to know that Rathika said her name. Still not angry with her. Moreover, he assured me that I am there for you. A romantic scene took place between the two in the kitchen.
Yavar who cooked for Ratika himself fed her. Both ate in the same glass. Pallavi prashant, who was there, went aside saying, "Have you flirted with me?" The contestants were angry that Rathika loved her even after she told him that she was not worthy of Power Astra. But Yavar expresses his love genuinely. But Rathika seems to be playing a conning game. bigg boss gives a task to prince Yavar as part of the process of winning the Power Astra. He said that no matter what anyone does, he should not remove his face from there. First of all, Rathika Rose cracked an egg on his face.

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