Atlee made Nayan a dummy piece with Deepika..!?

Nayanthara must have known by now that if she is where she is, she will get the respect she deserves. The entire South indian cinema was celebrating by calling her a lady superstar. On the one hand, her darling director atlee, on the other hand, Shahrukh Khan, who has been praising her since the start of shooting, is left in a tizzy. After the release of the film, Nayanthara came to know that the entire team of the film was working hard on her head. Now she is very upset. Shah Rukh Khan, who spoke in the film Jawan success Meet Interviews, said at the beginning of the talk of the film, deepika padukone was told that she is a small character. He had said that only after the release of the film, did deepika realize how big and important a character she has played. But it wasn't deepika padukone that director atlee and producer and hero Shah Rukh Khan were bragging about. Nayan is crying about the story of trusting the king and abandoning their husband. After the release of Jaawan, she thought that she would get great opportunities in Bollywood, but she has got a boon. atlee edited many scenes of Nayanthara in Jawaan. And deepika Padukone's scenes have been made as if they are in the entire film. Due to this, the movie watchers know that deepika padukone played an important role and Nayanthara played a side role.
Nayanthara is always very careful about who plays the character of her sister and friends in the films she acts in. It is because they should not be known to be younger and prettier than her on screen. In such a situation, they made Nayan a dummy piece by showing her desire for Bollywood.

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