The talented telugu actor navdeep recently posted that he is not the guy the police have identified in the current narcotics case involving several lesser-known telugu cinema producers and actors. Unexpectedly, he has now requested legal counsel and received anticipatory bail.

In the continuing drugs case that has been creating a sensation in the telugu film industry, the telangana High court has granted navdeep relief. He is protected from arrest until the 19th of this month thanks to anticipatory bail that the court granted him. The police are also required by the court to react to Navdeep's bail request.

Navdeep vehemently refuted the assertions made by the hyderabad police and argued his case in court. He strongly asserted, "I do not utilise drugs, and there is no medical backing for such claims. media outlets are spreading incorrect information about me without doing a thorough inquiry. These accusations have been detrimental to my mental health and might be detrimental to my career. I sincerely feel that a prison probe is not necessary in this situation, and I categorically deny ever taking narcotics. We'll have to wait and watch what happens since in the past, we've witnessed a number of tollywood celebrities being interrogated for hours about their drug use and other activities.

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