Challenging star Darshan shines in the role of the protagonist's brother in Garadi. Darshan, who has a very high-personality, is seen in a khadar look in this film which crowns the Garadi film. It is said that even though Darshan will appear on screen for a short time, he will give a serious thrill to the fans. The fans believe that the expectation will come true. The title track of the movie 'Garadi' directed by Yogaraj Bhatt has been released. The garadi song that starts with "Ene barali ratte tattu.." has complete 'mass appeal'. Composed by v Harikrishna, this song has the visual splendor of lead Suriya singing and dancing on the 'Garadi Mane Sattala set'. If you look at the song, you get the feeling that the Garadi film also has a mass feel. While hero surya dances in Sakhat josh with Garadi school boys on Garadi Mane set, veteran actor Bisi Patil of 'Kaurava' fame makes an appearance in the song and adds more khadar to the song. The garadi mane set in the background of the song is completely dusty and succeeds in giving the whole song a pale color. Garadi track music makes the listeners dance and succeeds in making the movie interesting.

The song 'Hodirale Halagi' composed by v Harikrishna and sung by Meghna Haliyal has already gathered dust. Actress Nishvika Naidu danced to the song and the boys danced to the tune of a re-watch in the theatre. It is said that Sonal Manthero played the heroine and actor ravi shankar Garadi in the role of the villain created a lot of dust in the home ground. surya acted as the lead actor in the movie Garadi and played the role of 'Pailwan'. Actor Suriya sweats in the gym for fitness and the 'special look' of the role of Pailwan, as well as making a proper diet plan to tone up his body is seen in the song.

Actor and former mla bc Patil has appeared in a special role in 'Garadi' produced by bc Patil's wife Vanaja Patil. Bisi Patil acted in a film after many years and of course there was a lot of curiosity about his role. He is said to be seen in the role of hero 'Guru' in the film. Yogaraj Bhatt, who recently charmed the audience in Sandalwood with 'Galipata-2', is confident of doing even more with 'Garadi'. hero Yashas surya is currently involved in promotional activities with the Garadi team. By the way, Garadi movie will release on 10 November.

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