Naga Chaitanya's unique restaurant..!?

 Celebrities are strict about their fitness and diet. They work out for hours in gyms. Food is consumed sparingly. Every order given by the dietitian is followed without fail. All these must be done to excel in the celebrity world. Some stars are tight-lipped, especially when it comes to food. From breakfast in the morning to dinner at night, everything is taken according to measurements. naga chaitanya is more strict in the matter of food. He rarely takes non-veg. And if you come on Sunday, you will only see the taste. On other days only veg is limited. So that too is to take a full stomach. He takes very little food. A bit more is taken on Sunday. Veg is preferred over non-veg. Eat only those that have such a combination. It seems that with that fashion, he has also stepped into the fund supply business with veg-related dishes. Veg dishes from different countries seem to be made very special at chaitanya Restaurant. Different items are made in Veg itself..something new. We have seen chaitanya as an actor till now. Newly entering the food business! chaitanya seems to be very active in that too. He is going to touch YouTubers to promote his business. chaitanya also explains very well especially about their restaurant food. chaitanya is also said to be a good businessman. Completed studies in business. It is known that he is currently busy as an actor. They are getting ready for a new movie shoot under the direction of chandu Mondeti.

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