The telangana State Narcotics Bureau conducted a raid on actor and hero Navdeep's hyderabad home on tuesday in connection with the madhapur narcotics case. navdeep reportedly departed the residence as soon as he learned that the police were there, even though he wasn't there while the searches were being conducted by the police. This action comes in response to the recent drug trafficking raid in hyderabad that led to multiple arrests.

The high court approved Navdeep's request for release from arrest till tuesday after learning that he is reportedly connected to the case. The Narcotics Bureau performed the searches after the High Court's temporary injunction expired, which prompted navdeep to re-file a petition with the high court over the drug matter.

Soon, the Narcotics Bureau police should respond to Navdeep's plea with a counter-reply. The Narcotics Bureau has named navdeep as a suspect in the madhapur drug case, and evidence indicates that he bought narcotics from his buddy ram Chandu, who had already been detained by the police, according to the Narcotics Bureau. 13 people were detained as a consequence of the drug party that took place at Fresh Living Apartments in madhapur on the 31st of the previous month.

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