Actress lakshmi Pramod is the favorite star of the serial audience. The star who has been shining on the miniscreen over the years has been a part of many hit serials. lakshmi was able to win many fans even though she shined more in negative roles. lakshmi, who had stepped away from the serial due to some controversies, recently returned with the serial Sukhamo Devi. Soon lakshmi disappeared from the series. The actress did not specify where she went or what ended the serial. The actor who was active on social media was also inactive there. Finally, last day, the actor revealed the reason behind his disappearance from everywhere. lakshmi said that she was six months pregnant and that's why she withdrew from the serial.

 Lakshmi shared this through a YouTube video with her husband Azhar and daughter. Lakshmi's video was also sharing the details of the maternity photo shoot. Now the actor has shared the pictures taken that day for his fans. lakshmi has shared pictures with her daughter. Both of them are wearing black clothes. Daughter Dua was also happily posing with her mother.

Lakshmi said, "It is the sixth month. I had complications from the beginning. At first I was in the hospital with fever. That's why I was late in sharing this with you. Now we are in Kanthalur. I thought this is the right time," lakshmi said. The actor has informed the fans that he will return.

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