The second half opens with a medical counselling sequence that, while fascinating, gives the impression that the filmmaker is imposing subjects like sex chats for the purpose of daring, which does not organically fit. When one doctor explains a cardiac disease while the other doctor talks sexual behaviour, it feels weird. The main problem with 'Animal' is that the main vengeance storyline ends at the intermission, forcing the filmmaker to drag the tale out throughout the whole second half. 

The entrance of bobby deol midway through, only to bring him back for closure in the end, illustrates the second half's lacklustre performance. Even pivotal sequences in which Ranbir explains his deeds regarding her sister's marriage are devoid of emotional resonance. The film suffers from needless sequences, such as showing Ranbir with a bulky physique, followed by his metamorphosis to a fit body and a scene in which he walks nude.

These initiatives strive to bring boldness for the sake of boldness, at the expense of the primary story's substance. Tripti Dimri's character design exemplifies how certain characters are constructed half-heartedly and appear ludicrous. It's amazing how a filmmaker like sandeep Vanga could be persuaded by these fabricated characters. Surprisingly, he provides another daring scenario involving Ranbir and Tripti, which looks to be a desperate attempt to establish his imprint.

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