Bollywood’s tara Singh sunny deol has been in the limelight since the release of Gadar 2. Once again the actor

has come into discussion. This time he is in the news not for any film but for his personal life.

Dimple Kapadia and sunny deol spotted outside the eye clinic

Yes, recently sunny deol was spotted with dimple kapadia, which has now become a topic of discussion. Both

of them were seen coming out of an eye clinic in Mumbai. However, both of them did not come out together but

separately and left from there in their respective cars. During this, Dimple was seen in a black outfit while Sunny

Deol was seen wearing beige T-shirt pants and a cap. This video is spreading like wildfire on social media. Seeing

both of them together once again, many questions have arisen in people's minds. This is the reason why there has

been a flood of comments on the video. Everyone wants to know what is going on between the two.

When Sunny-Dimple were holidaying in London

Let us tell you that a few years ago sunny deol and dimple kapadia had gone to london for a holiday. A video

of this has also surfaced, where both were spotted holding hands at a bus stand in London.

The love story of both was much talked about.

There was a time when Sunny and Dimple Kapadia's love story was much talked about. After separation from

Rajesh Khanna, dimple kapadia came close to Sunny Deol. The news of their affair was much talked about in the

corridors of B Town.

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