Several people were injured in a stampede at a concert by singer Hariharan in Sri Lanka.

It has become a trend of late for musicians to perform at concerts. In that way, many leading music composers in the tamil film industry like Ilayaraja, AR Raghuman, Anirudh, Yuvan shankar Raja, Santhosh Narayanan, Ilayaraja, Siddhakar, harris jayaraj are regularly conducting their music programs not only in tamil Nadu but also abroad.

There are some mishaps in these concerts. An example of this is the musical performance of AR Raghuman in chennai last year. The organizers of the concert had sold too many tickets, resulting in overcrowding and many people were trapped. It was also said that some women were sexually harassed.

Amidst the controversy surrounding this concert, AR Raghuman apologized and refunded the tickets to those who could not attend. Currently, such an incident has happened in Sri Lanka. Famous playback singer Hariharan's concert was held in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

It was also announced that actresses Rambha, aishwarya Rajesh, Tamannaah, actors mirchi Siva, Yogibabu and sandy are going to attend. The event was hosted by DD. A large number of people gathered to watch this concert and it became crowded. It is said that many people were injured.

The glitch is said to have occurred due to the event organizers selling more tickets than the quota. It is said that the government of sri lanka has ordered a proper investigation into these irregularities

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