Poonam Pandey: poonam pandey reached the temple with the puja plate, seen for the first time after spreading rumors of her death.

Poonam Pandey has been in the headlines for the past several days. Recently, it was reported from her social media handle that the actress had died of cervical cancer, but later it became clear that this was just a publicity stunt. After this, the actress came forward and clarified, but people trolled her a lot.

The actress was seen in public for the first time on thursday after the rumor was spread. Dressed in an ethnic look, she reached the temple with a puja plate in her hand. This video of his is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Poonam looks very happy in this video. However, people are trolling him fiercely on this clip posted by a paparazzi. One user wrote, "She is Undertaker's sister." Another user wrote, "Now after really looking at them, it will seem that they are ghosts." At the same time, another user quipped and called it reincarnation.

A few days ago, the news of Poonam's death spread sensation across the country. Many bollywood celebs including fans had paid tribute to him on social media after hearing the news of his demise. These included artists like kangana ranaut and Anupam Kher.

However, when the news of his death turned out to be false, many people from the industry expressed their displeasure. Many stars including tv queen ekta kapoor had strongly reprimanded him for this publicity stunt. Many people have also demanded a case to be registered against him in this matter.

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