For Rs 10 crore, actress Suhana Khan, the daughter of bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, bought 78,361 square feet of farm property in Alibaug, Raigad district. Suhana made her acting debut in the Netflix original movie The Archies two months prior to this.
The Economic Times claims that Suhana paid a stamp fee of Rs 57 lakh for the transaction. Registration of the transaction took place on february 13, 2024. Suhana paid Rs 12.91 crore in june of last year to purchase 1.5 acres of agricultural property in Alibaug that was home to three buildings.

Meanwhile, Suhana is preparing for her first major motion picture role following her OTT debut in the zoya akhtar film. Suhana and her father, Shah Rukh Khan, are collaborating on what will likely be her next movie, King. sujoy ghosh will direct the movie, while siddharth anand will be in charge of the action sequences. The newest sources state that the movie will begin production in May of this year.
Between october 2023 and february 2024, siddharth anand and sujoy ghosh met with Shah Rukh Khan and Suhana Khan several times. Sujoy, Sid, and SRK are carefully rewriting the script. siddharth is solely responsible for creating action sequences of the highest calibre, a person familiar with the project informed Pinkvilla.

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