Balaji Murugadoss: Secret marriage of bigg boss balaji Murugadoss? 

Bigg Boss balaji murugadoss shocked everyone by posting a picture of him sitting with the bride in a silk dress shirt on the wedding table.

Bigg Boss, hosted by Vijay tv Television's global hero Kamal Haasan, has a huge fan base. In that way, balaji murugadoss participated in the bigg boss season 4 show and played in a manner that was not lacking in controversy. bigg boss Season 4 made it to the finals, but balaji murugadoss failed to win the title. But he became the first runner-up.

He expected film opportunities to accumulate after bigg boss, but only disappointment remained. Although the expectations did not materialize, he was seen in a few album songs, commercials, etc.

Following this, balaji murugadoss, who entered the arena as a contestant again in bigg boss Ultimate, won the title winner with the huge support of the fans. Following this, balaji murugadoss, who is actively hunting for films, has now finished acting in a few films. His films will be released soon.

Apart from this, balaji murugadoss has shocked the fans by posting a picture of him sitting on the wedding table with the bride. Seeing this, many fans are wondering if the secret marriage of balaji murugadoss is over. They are asking the question. At the same time, some people are also seen questioning whether this is a promotion of the film or if it was taken while you were acting in commercials.

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