This star asked such a thing to PM Modi while on peg…

People often lose consciousness under the influence of alcohol and start doing stupid things. A comedian, who used to make everyone laugh with his comedy on TV, got so intoxicated after taking two pegs that he started directly to PM Modi. Later, there was so much uproar over the same  by this actor that he had to flee the country. The star himself had told this during a show. Yes, this star is none other than kapil sharma who is India's famous comedian and actor. In today's time, kapil sharma is not dependent on any identity but he still regrets some of the mistakes he had once committed. Kapil often talks about this and he had also shared it in the show 'I'm Not Done Yet', let us tell you what was the whole matter?

What was in Kapil Sharma's viral?

A show came on Netflix on january 28, 2022. Kapil's first OTT standup show 'I'm Not Yet' in which he talked openly about his life journey. During that time, Kapil also discussed the ruckus in his  which he had created under the influence of alcohol. First let us tell you what kapil sharma had said to PM Modi. Actually, the incident happened in the year 2016 when kapil sharma after drinking a peg. kapil sharma had accepted the issue of drinking pegs and has spoken about it many times in his show also. In the  Kapil had written, 'I have been paying tax of Rs 15 crore for the last 5 years, yet I have to pay a bribe of Rs 5 lakh to the BMC office to build my office.' Kapil had tagged PM Modi  because he wanted to say this to him.

Kapil Sharma had talked about this issue in 'I'm Not Done Yet'. In the video you can see that Kapil tells what happened . What happened to him after this and he left the country and went to another country for some time. watch that video first- In this video, kapil sharma said, 'I left for maldives immediately. I stayed there for 8-9 days. As soon as I reached there I said, give me a room where there is no internet. They say you have come after getting married, so I said no, I have come after  You won't believe, I spent Rs 9 lakh in all the days I stayed there. I did not spend so much money on my education throughout my life as I got spent by writing that line.

Kapil further said, 'I seriously... I want to file a case on , because people sometimes write manipulated  below a politician's .So they also write below me, Drunk , Just Ignore Him. My money would have been saved. I don't understand this system of our country that if I have talked about something at night, then you should also talk to me at night and end the matter.

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