Bigg Boss title winner Archana's lover is this serial hero?

Rumors about bigg boss season 7 winner Archana's boyfriend are spreading like wildfire.

The 7th season of bigg boss concluded last January. As usual, it was a season full of excitement and excitement. archana who came as a wild card entry in this show became the title winner. He was gifted with a trophy for the bigg boss title winner along with a check of Rs 50 lakh and a car. After the bigg boss show, the contestants who participated in it usually get film opportunities.

In that way, maya and purnima are mixing as heroines in kollywood and Tollywood. On the other hand, vishnu Vijay has announced his debut as a hero. But only Archana, who won the bigg boss title, has not released any update about her next move. Meanwhile, a photo of her lover is spreading like wildfire on the internet.

Accordingly, even though there were already reports that actress archana and Arun Prasad, who played the hero in Bharati Kannamma serial, are in love, both of them remained silent about it. Meanwhile, actor Arun Prasad posted a photo on his instagram page while he went to a bout with a girl and said that he is now PC in it.

But Arun Prasad did not reveal the identity of the woman in the photo. The netizens who saw this are saying with certainty that it is Archana. Because recently archana also went to Yercaud. As Arun Prasad has also posted a photo taken there, they are saying that they are going around the town as a couple. It is noteworthy that Arun Prasad has not acted in any serial after the Bharti Kannamma serial.

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