Is this much debt to the actor who acted with Rajini and Kamal? Is this tamil actor suffering so much?

The actor, who starred in tamil cinema with Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan, went into debt 4 times and stayed away from the film industry. Do you know who that actor is?

It is often said that no matter how successful you are in life, you must keep your feet firmly on the ground. It means to be humble and not arrogant. Not one or two people in cinema, but hundreds, make a small mistake in their career and worry about it for the rest of their lives. Everyone enters the film industry to become a star, but not everyone can handle the stardom that comes with it. This actor has become a superstar overnight. But it can be said that he has completely disappeared from the film industry and is now living an anonymous life.

The actor has gone into debt not once, not twice, but 4 times, working as a taxi driver and cleaning toilets for a living. This South indian superstar has worked with the likes of aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Tabu, Rajinikanth, and Mammootty. But today he is staying away from the limelight. It can be said that no one has not heard the song 'Mustafa Mustafa'.The actor who acted in this song was mirza abbas Ali alias Abbas. Actor Abbas's father wanted him to become an engineer. He also joined an engineering college. But in 1994, it came to know that a modeling competition was going to be held in Bangalore. Winning this competition marked the beginning of his film career. Actor abbas ventured into modeling. But in 1995, a friend of his asked him to audition for a tamil film, and he was selected to act in the film. That is the movie 'Kadal Desam' released in 1996. The film was a commercial success. It can be said that abbas became famous overnight.

After this, he got many film opportunities and worked with legends like aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Rajinikanth, and Mammootty. However, after some time the worst phase of his life also started. His films failed at the box office. Thus he became a debtor. After 2015, he stopped acting in films and moved to New Zealand. Speaking about this, he revealed another side of his life, "To support my family, I worked as a bike mechanic. I cleaned toilets and drove taxis in New Zealand."As of now, abbas is working as a motivational speaker in schools and colleges. In his film career, abbas has acted in many blockbuster films like Bhadayappa, Kandukonden Kandukonden, Hey Ram, Anandam, and Minnelay.

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