This is an unusual car... Bulk amount from Bigg Boss; Mani released a mass video after buying a new car

Manichandra, who became famous as a contestant in the 7th season of bigg boss, has bought a new car. The 7th season of bigg boss concluded last January. archana was chosen as the title winner in this season which was full of various fights and controversies. He was given a prize money of Rs.50 lakh and a car. After that, the second place went to sam and the third place went to Maya. There was no dearth of romance this season as well as fights. Mani and Raveena were the lovebirds when they entered bigg boss season 7. Both of them said they were just friends but at some point, they openly said that they were in love. Later, during the family round, Raveena's cousin came and gave her a dose of summa on the clock, which no one could easily forget. Apart from that, while Mani and Raveena were playing the game as a pair, Raveena was eliminated in the last stage when there was a situation where only one person could go to the finals. After entering the final, Mani went all the way to the end and missed the chance to win in the thread, so he got only second place. However, it was a surprise to many that Mani finished second, beating strong contenders like Maya. In this situation, after finishing bigg boss, Mani has bought a new car. Dhar has bought one of Mahindra's most popular cars. After taking delivery of the car, Kardu has released an amazing video of driving it on a rough mountain road and blowing dust. Fans who have seen the video are congratulating him.

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