Back then, when rookie filmmakers wished to attract notice, they would create a poster/teaser/trailer replete of lip locks. The same is true with "Arjun Reddy"'s initial teaser, which prominently features the lip-lock. Many films followed suit, even creating posters featuring simply liplock. Here comes Vishwaksen.

Vishwaksen's Gangs of Godavari, which will be released on May 17th after being postponed several times, is attempting to get notice in the middle of the election and IPL fever through promotional efforts. Following the release of the teaser, the makers have now revealed the movie's ten-day countdown poster, which depicts Vishwaksen and heroine Neha Hariraj Shetty locking lips.

A liplock in the rain has already been prominently featured in the Suttamla Soosi song promo. Vishwaksen appears to be tormenting his fans with these locks, while neha shetty has also been well-known for them after her locking performance with dj Tillu. Gangs of Godavari, directed by krishna Chaitanya, aims to elevate Vishwaksen's public image. yuvan shankar raja composed the film's music, which sithara Vamsi bankrolled.

A renowned distributor believes that hotshot Vishwak Sen's forthcoming film 'Gangs of Godavari' has done well in the two telugu states. "It has been sold for over Rs 6 crores plus in andhra pradesh and telangana and the deals for few more centres are going to be finalised soon," according to him. The rural-themed action picture will be released on May 31 and is predicted to do well at the box office.

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