How is Rakhi Sawant's condition after surgery? 

Popular tv celebrity rakhi sawant has been making a lot of headlines for the last few days. rakhi sawant, who is often in controversies regarding her statements, strange actions on social media and relationships, is once again in the headlines but this time her health is bad. The actress caught everyone's attention when reports claimed that she was admitted to the hospital.

How is Rakhi Sawant's condition now after surgery?

Rakhi Sawant's brother Rakesh Sawant confirmed this to the media. Later, Rakhi's ex-husband Ritesh Singh shared on social media that Rakhi has undergone surgery to remove the tumor from her uterus. Amidst all the reports, now a formal statement has come from Rakhi's doctor, who has shared information about her health. The doctor told that he and his team are taking care of Rakhi Sawant. While confirming that the actress has undergone surgery, he, however, refused to give any further information about Rakhi without the permission of the hospital. Earlier, Rakhi herself had informed the media about a 10 cm tumor in her uterus.

'Rakhi Sawant's life in danger'

Earlier, Ritesh had told that Rakhi is not well even after surgery. Apart from this, Ritesh has revealed that he and rakhi sawant are in danger to their lives. Rakhi's operation was successful but there are many ups and downs in her health. sugar and bp are not normalizing, I am facing a lot of trouble. Rakhi Sawant's ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani had called Rakhi's hospitalization as just a drama to escape from jail. While giving her health update by sharing a video on social media, Rakhi had said, 'I will get well soon. The tumor is 10 cm and I will be operated on on Saturday. I am not able to talk much. I have never given up in my life. I am also going to fight in the operation theatre. I know that nothing is going to happen to me, because my mother's blessings are with me, I am a fighter and I will come back, nothing will happen to me.

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