Sonakshi Sinha Wedding Date: venue and guest list!!!

Bollywood actress sonakshi sinha is in the headlines these days. While the actress earlier garnered a lot of praise for her role as Faridan in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's series 'Heeramandi', now she is in the news for her wedding news. It is being said that sonakshi sinha is going to marry her Double XL co-actor and boyfriend Zaheer Iqbal. Let's know on which day the actress will tie the knot with Zaheer?

On which day will sonakshi sinha marry Zaheer?

Sonakshi Sinha is preparing to start a new chapter of her life, according to india Today report, the actress is going to marry her long time boyfriend zaheer iqbal in mumbai on june 23. The couple has always kept their relationship very private but their public appearances and social media posts have been telling their love story. Let us tell you that Zaheer and Sonakshi met at a party of salman Khan. They first became friends and then fell in love with each other.

The invitation card is designed like a magazine cover

According to the report, the wedding invitation card is designed like a magazine cover on which it is written "The rumors are true." According to the report, apart from close friends and family members of the couple, the entire cast of 'Heeramandi' has been invited to the wedding. Guests have been asked to wear formal clothes for the reception. It is being told that this party will be held in Bastian, Mumbai. However, there is no official confirmation of Sonakshi and Zaheer's marriage yet.

Sonakshi talked about marriage in Kapil Sharma's show

Earlier, the entire lead cast of 'Heeramandi' appeared in Netflix's comedy series, 'The Great indian Kapil Show' and talked about their experiences working in the series. During the conversation, host kapil sharma teased Sonakshi about her marriage and asked, “Alia got married, kiara got married. Is your character in Heeramandi negative or positive?” Kapil’s wit made the audience laugh and Sonakshi replied, “You are just adding salt to the wound. He knows how badly I want to get married. Heeramandi is over, I am not married.”

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