Anurag Kashyap, a cult actor and filmmaker who will be featured in the Hotstar series Bad Cop, recently discussed his opinions about the situation of OTT platforms in India. He feels that the OTT's heyday is gone. Anurag raised worries in an interview about the way these platforms are taking, saying they are starting to seem more and more like conventional television.

Anurag claims that algorithms now have a greater effect on the selection process for shows than creative storytelling did in the past. He likened this change to the television industry's fixation on viewership ratings (TRPs), which started to dictate the creation of content. He contends that the creative potential of long-format storytelling is being compromised by the present emphasis on data and audience analytics.

Anurag, who co-wrote Netflix's first original series in india, Sacred Games, clarified that OTT platforms will only try new things if it means drawing in new users. They go back to known formulas when they reach a certain point. He also remembered the rise of indian multiplex cinema and its consequent stagnation. Multiplexes were first established in india to promote independent films, but they have since fallen victim to the popularity of mainstream cinema.

Anurag thought back to the late 2000s, when avant-garde films like Dev D were backed by multiplexes. He claimed that instead of supporting varied and indie filmmaking, multiplexes now frequently broadcast the same highly publicised commercial picture on several screens. Similar to this, studios used to support original initiatives before switching to formulaic material. Anurag also emphasised the difficulties that creative workers now have in the OTT environment.

The people in charge of the shows section today lack filmmaking experience. They also originated from television. Thus, television is their sensibility," he remarked, emphasising that creative people may find it hard to work with these executives. Ultimately, Anurag expressed his emotions when Netflix abruptly cancelled his series Maximum City in the midst of the Tandav scandal. "I doubt that I will be able to create the type of lengthy format that I want to. They're terrified as well. Maximum City is among the instances. An approved, green-lit concert was cancelled without any formal notice. He said, "They want to do only what their algorithm says."

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