Subbarao alias Subbu (Bellamkonda Ganesh) is an ordinary middle class boy. He is crazy about iPhone. Every day he goes to the mobile store and sees an iphone model that he likes and is tempted to buy it anyway. But he does not have that much money. He does not force parents to do so. On the one hand, while studying, he does small jobs and accumulates money. After a year of hard work, he get enough money to buy an iPhone. 

He goes and buys an iphone with that money. He also names it Buchibabu. The phone that Subbu is taking care of so incredibly gets into the hands of the police due to a fight. The station itself misses it. Subbu goes all the way to the Commissioner (Samudrakhani) for his phone. Subbu doesn't agree when he says that he will give something else instead of his phone. As Subbu continues his hunt for his phone, he gets caught up in a murder case. 

 Writer Krishna Chaitanya's idea of weaving a crime story around unclaimed accounts in 'Nenu Student Sir' is good. But a good idea is not enough. The story woven around it should be good. Also the story should be suspenseful. Here 'Nenu Student Sir' Missed the groove. It starts with an interesting start, but ends with a depressing one. If the hero buys an iphone with great affection and hard work, it will be lost within a day. Half of the movie revolves around the hero's struggle to get his phone. 

But the director missed the point in directing the drama around this point. Naming the mobile he bought as Buchibabu.. Describing that mobile as his younger brother.. "My Buchibabu is with the commissioner. How is it?'' ''I have to save my Buchibabu no matter what'' ''It is not just a phone to leave a pony, it's my brother'' seems a bit excessive. The hero goes to the commissioner alone for his lost mobile. 

As he doesn't understand, then he gets in touch with his daughter and gets closer to him.. The love track that comes in this sequence is not useful for the movie at all. Looking at the way the movie starts, you think that this is a concept based movie.. When it comes to the romantic track of the hero and heroines, it reminds you of an average commercial movie. There is little movement in the story with an interval after the love scenes which do not generate the least interest. Getting stuck in a hero murder case is interesting. This is what makes it attractive on the second half.

 But then the narrative surrounding the murder also seems normal. It can be said that there are no suspenseful scenes in the movie which has taken a thriller turn.  If you look at the actors chosen for the villain roles, it feels like a comedy, but you can't feel the intensity. Overall, though the plot point of 'Nenu Student Sir' is good, it failed to impress the expected audience due to poor execution

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