As the NATA biannual conference draws closer, its officials have made progress in gathering money for the esteemed event. Under the direction of Dr. prem Reddy, Chair Emeritus of the Advisory Council, the NATA leaders gathered. It was a wonderful evening with President Dr. sridhar Korsapati, NMS reddy, the NATA convention's convener, NATA Board of director Murari, and many other NATA representatives in attendance.

LA-based NATA Board of Directors The NATA delegates were welcomed to Los Angeles by Mallik reddy Bonthu, who also expressed gratitude to the city's telugu population for hosting the fundraising event. He claimed that NATA has a sizable following in the broader Los Angeles region and revealed that over 130 members have taken it and almost 1500 people from LA have joined the illustrious organisation in the previous six months.

The representatives were invited by Dr. prem Reddy, Chair Emeritus, who also discussed the significance of NATA's goals and motives for existing. He was incredibly happy about the board and the way NATA as a whole is giving the telugu community its altruistic services. A little over 150 individuals showed up for the fundraiser, and everyone in agreement said that Dr. prem Reddy was carrying the torch for telugu Americans across the country at the time. The NATA Convention's organiser NMS reddy and Dr. sridhar Korsapati were congratulated by people from all walks of life.

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