Dim eyesight & Numb tongue.! Putin's health Report..!?

It has been reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin has blurred vision and a numb tongue. It has been reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin is suffering from blurred vision. While various rumors are circulating that the Russian president's health is deteriorating, new information has come to light. Ever since the Russia-Ukraine war broke out last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin's health has always been a topic of debate. Now, a new report claims his condition is deteriorating, with doctors panicking over the Russian president's "severe pain in the head, blurred vision and numbness in the tongue," reports Metro.
The latest news about the Russian president's health is shocking. Putin has partially lost sensation in his right arm and leg and needs urgent medical attention, the report said. A team of doctors reportedly administered first aid and ordered Putin to take medication and rest for several days. However, the Russian president reportedly refused to relax and was instead given reports on Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The report mentioned that his condition has now improved.According to the Spanish news agency Marca, the Russian president is believed to be battling cancer and Parkinson's disease. This was confirmed by a security service official in leaked Kremlin emails. However, the Russian government continues to deny it.

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