The Opposition is now going all out on the matter of caste-based census and quotas across the country as a weapon to combat the BJP's Hindutva platform in the 2024 elections.
According to opposition parties, a caste census might help them win back many backward classes who recently switched allegiances to the bjp, given how caste censuses significantly contributed to the mobilization of backward caste votes in the karnataka election. All opposition parties are now united in their support for a caste census, and conversations about strategic pre-election coalitions and caste census politics have begun.

Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has long advocated for a caste-based census, and the State assembly even approved a resolution two years ago calling for a Census of backward classes to be conducted in 2021 alongside the normal census.

The chairman of the telangana State Commission for backward classes, v Krishna Mohan Rao, stated that there was an urgent need for caste census because it holds the key to determining the precise percentage of BCs in the general population as well as analytically illustrating their representation in the areas of education, employment, social status, and politics.

"Caste Census is currently a topic of national interest. bjp cannot ignore it much longer. It will be a significant topic during the elections in 2024," he said.

Meanwhile, congress President mallikarjun Kharge recently wrote to prime minister Narendra Modi requesting that the caste census be carried out immediately in response to growing demand from many sources and congress Leader rahul gandhi bringing up the matter during his electoral rally in Kolar, Karnataka.

Non-BJP parties in Uttar Pradesh, telangana, Bihar, karnataka, tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and odisha are also intending to mobilise the public against the census, which is quickly becoming into a significant issue.

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