The ahmedabad district education department has sent a circular to principals of schools in the ahmedabad (Rural) areas, instructing them to hold special lectures, debates, essay and elocution competitions, group discussions, and other similar activities on the government's decision on article 370 in J&K. What was the occasion? The 17th of september is prime minister Narendra Modi's birthday.

The circular also claims that the Modi government's decision to repeal article 370 has given the country "a global identity," whatever that means.
“This is to notify you that the indian parliament has passed a great and people-oriented decision that has been met with unparalleled acclaim,” the letter says.
Given this description, it's unclear if the 'debate' competition envisions students presenting counter-arguments to the government's choice.

The message makes no mention of the communication blockade that has been imposed over the whole state of Jammu and Kashmir, as well as the detention of state leaders and demonstrators, much alone the problems that the general people has encountered.
The state education department's plan to talk about article 370 in schools on Modi's birthday ostensibly intends to imprint the legislation as one that defines the Modi administration's success in the eyes of pupils.

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