Telugu Desam party is determined to come to power in ap this time. For that, the leader Chandrababu ap is moving all over AP. At the same time, a series of reviews are also being conducted with the in-charges of the party constituencies. But all this going on hot is a new experience for TDP. 

Chandrababu always spends hours saying what he has to say. On top of that, after listening to what the leaders said, the brothers end up saying, "Carry on." But recently the younger brothers say that Babu's attitude has changed a lot. In his successive reviews, the younger brothers are taking a good class in some places. I have all kinds of reports. I have all your horoscopes. Chandrababu is asking his brothers in a direct attack saying, "Are you ready for the elections?". How about without your cooperation? I only want winning horses. Babu categorically says that there is no room for any pretensions.

Don't think this is a sweet warning, these are serious warnings. This time tdp will surely come to power. ycp has opposition which is unlike any previous government in AP. Even so, Babu is talking loudly saying that if you don't cross the threshold, you are brothers. Babu has been doing reviews for the last few days with this kind of aggression. He has so far held a face-to-face meeting with 59 in-charges at the party office in Mangalagiri. At the same time, he is also reviewing the situation of the party at the field level with the reports he has.

On this occasion Babu is telling many leaders on their faces that I will not ignore them anymore, you all should be alert. His younger brothers are also encouraging him to keep it up in the places where he works. Recently, Chandrababu reviewed rajahmundry with rajahmundry City peddapuram and Rajam Constituencies in Vijayangaram district under the jurisdiction of parliament with Adireddy Bhawani Chinarajappa Kondru Murali.In the following days, Babu will meet the in-charges of more constituencies. On this occasion, Babu's speeches were also greatly reduced. If you don't work, tell them directly to the leaders, and the younger brothers are shocked to see the new Babu. And it has to be seen whether there will be any heat in tdp even with this kind of review.

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