2 beautiful women fighting for Imran Khan!!!

Former PM of pakistan imran khan has now embarked on a rebellion in the country. A fierce twitter war is currently going on between his supporters and opponents. Meanwhile, veteran actress and celebrity of the Pakistani film industry Mishi Khan has expressed a strong opinion on the political priorities of Iffat Omar. Mishi is among those celebrities and people who have expressed their support for former prime minister imran khan through social media. 

On the other hand, former prime minister of pakistan imran khan has directly said that he will not go to London. Now two Pakistani actresses have come face to face on this issue. Iffat Omar is a staunch critic of imran khan and PTI. She has criticized the policies of former cricketer-turned-politician imran khan many times and said that due to Imran, pakistan has come to its knees economically.

Criticizing the anti-Imran Umar, supporting actress Mishi tweeted to condemn Iffat and political choices. One of her tweets read, 'Iffat Omar flying on her broom to check the crowd and report back to Najam Sethi Rawalpindi'. Apart from this, also targeted actress Reham Khan in another tweet and wrote, 'Oh Reham Khan is also following Iffat Omar to check the cleanliness of jalsa Gah.

Both actresses are fighting on Twitter. At present, Imran is standing against the Shehbaz Sharif government of the country. He is constantly alleging that the Shahbaz government is ruining the country's economic and political situation. Recently there was an attack on imran khan in which he was also shot in his leg. Imran is demanding to hold elections in pakistan as soon as possible.

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