For the telugu Desam party, Yuvagalam, a walkathon organised by Nara lokesh, is a widely anticipated occasion. The walkathon is anticipated to travel 4,000 kilometres throughout the state over the course of 400 days, or about a full year. This initiative is seen of as Lokesh's chance to showcase himself as a potential tdp leader. There are worries that the walkathon might not be as effective as the tdp leadership anticipates.

This version lacks the recipe from Chandrababu's Padayatra in 2014, which was a successful event for the party. The party made a concentrated attempt to energise the populace and participate in propaganda through media coverage during Chandrababu's walkathon. The event was covered by almost all media outlets in Andhra Pradesh, and the in-charges of the constituency covered the costs. However, there hasn't been much media attention of the latest walkathon, and participation hasn't been as high as anticipated. The in-charge constituency members have likewise been hesitant to spend money on the occasion.

If these flaws are not fixed, there are worries that the "Yuvagalam" may run into problems down the road. It will be up to the tdp high command to maintain that level of zeal for the entire walkathon as the initial excitement and buzz have already started to fade. It is also unclear whether all tdp leaders will work together to support and ensure the success of this lokesh Padayatra. The tdp looks forward to Yuvagalam with great anticipation, yet there are doubts regarding its outcome.

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