The leadership of the bharatiya janata party has firmly decided that the party will not form an alliance with the telugu desam party for the upcoming assembly elections. Somu Veerraju, the president of the party's Andhra unit, made this clear on Thursday. "An alliance with the tdp in the upcoming assembly elections is not even a possibility. In addition, it will not be in agreement with the ysr congress party either. Both are family-oriented parties, and the bjp will never sail with either of them, Veerraju remarked.

If there is ever an alliance with another party, according to him, it will only be with Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena party, as long as the latter has the support of the general populace. By doing so, Veerraju made it clear that it would contest the andhra pradesh assembly elections on its own. The bjp leadership has made the decision to abandon its hesitancy when it comes to coalitions because the confusion this has been producing among the party cadre and the general public.

The bjp leadership has been in a quandary as a result of recent events, particularly in the wake of Pawan Kalyan's declaration that he might join the tdp if a respectable seat-sharing agreement can be reached. Even though the party leaders have maintained their affiliation with the Jana Sena, pawan kalyan has maintained his position that he won't permit any division in the anti-incumbency vote in the state.

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