Ukraine removed 19 million Russian books from libraries...

According to a senior lawmaker, by november of last year, ukraine had removed over 19 million copies of literature that were either written in Russian or from the Soviet era from public libraries.

Of the 19 million books, 11 million, according to Yevheniya Kravchuk, deputy chair of the committee on humanitarian and information policy in the Ukrainian parliament, were written in the Russian language.

According to a statement posted on the Verkhovna Rada, the nation's parliament's website, Kravchuk claimed that "certain Ukrainian-language literature from the Soviet era are also written off."

Additionally, it is advised to disregard and take publications from the shelves whose authors backed armed aggression against Ukraine. Exactly what happened to the withdrawn books was not immediately apparent.

The usage of Russian publications has been progressively prohibited in Kyiv after Russia's 2014 decision to seize the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine. The so-called "de-russification" process accelerated after russia invaded the nation about a year ago.

In an effort to further break cultural ties between the two neighbours and reverse policies that, according to Kyiv authorities, have stifled Ukrainian identity for generations, ukraine limited the circulation of Russian novels in the middle of 2022.

The ratio of literature in Russian and Ukrainian in our libraries, in general, is just really regrettable, according to Kravchuk. Therefore, we are now discussing the requirement to replenish finances and swiftly buy publications in the Ukrainian language.

44% of the books in Ukrainian libraries are in Russian, with the remainder being in Ukrainian or other languages are spoken in EU nations. The only official language of the nation is Ukrainian.

Both Russian and Ukrainian are east Slavic languages, however, whereas most Russian speakers have trouble comprehending Ukrainian, most Ukrainians speak Russian.

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