Bhutan PM's comment adds to India's discomfort...

What is the Doklam dispute?

In Doklam, china started building a road in the part that bhutan claims as its own. india also supports Bhutan's claim. On 18 june 2017, indian soldiers stopped the Chinese road construction. On this, the Chinese army also stood in front. Soldiers from both sides got ready for war. This deadlock lasted for about 73 days. After this, both parties withdrew with mutual consent. However, since then, china has been building new military bases in its area near Doklam and has rapidly built up infrastructure. This also includes new bridges. In such a situation, now his army can attack Doklam with more heavy weapons.

What is China's claim?

China wants that the border trijunction shown in Doklam should be considered 7 kilometres south instead of the current position on the map. At present, Doklam is seen in global maps as Batang La, to the north of which is the Chumbi Valley of Chinese-occupied Tibet, to the east is India's sikkim and to the south is Bhutan. If the trijunction is shifted 7 km north, it will reach Mount Gipmochi. With this, the entire area of Doklam will come under the part of china and it will gain a strategic advantage in this area.

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