Higher education minister Ponmudi has said that he is ready to discuss the trilingual policy with bjp state president Annamalai.

State Deputy General Secretary, Higher education minister Ponmudi, who participated in the Villupuram DMK South district Executive meeting in Villupuram today, later told reporters: "I have the responsibility and duty to respond to bjp state president Annamalai's comments. He has said that he is ready to discuss this directly. I have already announced that I am ready.

I am ready to speak at any place in Chennai, at any public meeting. Trilingual policy, who is responsible for the development of Tamil? I am ready to talk about the extent to which the bilingual policy has been applied to Tamil. annamalai does not know the history nor the happenings. He says this happened without the knowledge of the government. In the higher education sector, something is happening in the universities without the knowledge of the government. Let me give an example.

The governor, who is the chancellor, has convened a meeting of vice-chancellors in Ooty. He has sent a circular to all the Vice-Chancellors that a meeting will be held on june 5 to invite them and talk about India's new education policy. I am the Vice-Chancellor. I don't know that myself. annamalai knows that. He is close to the governor. The governor is also acting like that. Even the Secretary did not know that the governor convened this meeting. I, the minister, do not know.

In tamil Nadu the chief minister appointed a committee to formulate the education policy. What right does a chancellor have to call all the vice-chancellors and brief them on the new education policy during this period when its report is coming? Who is trying to go against their policy without consulting the tamil Nadu government? Does annamalai not know all this? If annamalai is concerned about tamil development and education, he should meet the governor and ask for an explanation. I hope they will ask why you are holding this meeting of vice-chancellors without the knowledge of the government.

We are not against any language. We are not saying no to the trilingual policy. We are saying that it should not be forced. In the new education policy, it has been said that incentives will be given for studying sanskrit and Hindi. tamil is not given any privileges or importance. To give all that, the chief minister of tamil Nadu appointed a committee to formulate an education policy.

Their aim is to introduce Hindi. tamil Nadu is a state that has been fighting for anti-Hindi since that time. Why... It was during the DMK regime that it was renamed as tamil Nadu. annamalai still needs to study history. politics should also be known.

Let's discuss. bjp really does not care about Tamil. The lay people also know very well that the national education policy is the result of which they are working with the aim of abolishing the democratic value and bringing a single government.

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