According to the india Meteorological Department's (IMD) long-range forecast, telangana is projected to see a period of heavy rain between june 7 and june 11 when the Southwest Monsoon arrives. The period, though, is probably going to be brief because the temperature will soon start to rise. Only by the end of june will the monsoon become more intense in the state.
The monsoon is expected to arrive in telangana between june 7 and june 11. The monsoon will bring heavy rains at first, but after that, they will lessen until picking back up in July, according to IMD-Telangana scientist C A Sravani. According to current predictions, this year's annual rainfall would be average to below normal following one year of 5% extra precipitation. telangana had 1,377.5 mm of rainfall this year, which is 52% more than the average of 908.6 mm, according to statistics collected between june 1, 2022, and May 27, 2023.

IMD predicted that this year's rainfall will range from normal to below normal, with roughly 33% of the state seeing below-average precipitation. According to the most recent forecasts, telangana will get normal precipitation with 96-104% of the long period average (LPA). Even if there are worries about El Nino, these circumstances won't significantly affect the rain until the conclusion of the monsoon, according to Sravani.

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