Chief minister Stalin has ordered DMK to tear the corrupt face of BJP. The three-day festival of DMK's coral festival began today in Vellore under the leadership of chief minister Stalin. A large number of DMK ministers, MLAs, chief executives, district secretaries and volunteers have participated in the DMK Mupperum function held in Pallikonda area under Amakkatu assembly constituency in Vellore district. In this program, chief minister M.K.Stalin launched the program 'Stalin with People'. Also, chief minister Stalin presented Periyar Award (K. Sathyaseelan), Anna Award (K. Sundaram), Artist Award (I. Periyasamy), Bavender Award (Malika Katiravan) and professor Award (N. Ramasamy).

Subsequently, chief minister M.K.Stalin, who addressed DMK's third anniversary, said, "I was made party leader and chief minister by volunteers. It is not unusual for a political movement to survive for 75 years. DMK has been with the same youth and spirit since its inception. DMK works on the principle of Periyar, Anna, Kalyanar and Bavender. DMK is the bastion of 2 crore Dravidian ideologues.” He said proudly. chief minister Stalin said that we should tear the corrupt face of bjp and expose the corruption of bjp to the people. He ordered the party members that this is the main task before us.

"DMK has won 6 general elections and formed the government. tamil Nadu is the best state in all fields. This has made many people jealous. Tax revenue is the source of finance for the state government. But the bjp government has taken away the financial revenue in the name of GST. They are depriving the state government of financial revenue.” chief minister Stalin alleged. Our principal said Rs.1000 has arrived. I saw memes asking where is the Rs 15 lakh said by the Prime Minister. Did you fulfill your promise? Can you say anything about the achievements of the Union bjp government in the last 9 years? chief minister Stalin raised the question.

"Puduza has not asked anything new from the central government. We hear what they say. The price of a cylinder has tripled in the last 9 years. BJP's 9-year record of raising cylinder prices is the only one. Will people believe if the price is increased for 9 years and then reduced by only Rs.200? Similarly, the price of petrol and diesel has also increased. In the last 9 years, the bjp government has taken a loan of Rs.155 lakh crore. As the chief minister pointed out.

Speaking further, chief minister Stalin said, “Through the new education policy, they are trying to destroy the education development of tamil Nadu. NEET has been brought to freeze tamil Nadu, which is the best state in education. The bjp government is taking away the rights of tamil Nadu. NEET has shattered the medical dream of poor students. NEET is conducted for the profit of some private coaching center. Last year 22 people committed suicide due to NEET exam. bjp is running a ruthless regime.” publicly accused

Expressing confidence that the DMK alliance will win all 40 constituencies in tamil Nadu and Puducherry, chief minister Stalin said, "Our alliance should be successful not only in tamil Nadu but also in the whole of India. bjp should expose the face of corruption. To protect India, the indian alliance should be made victorious. I ask as one of you and we will strive for it fully.” He said.

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