Many people are appreciating kanimozhi MP's speech on the Women's Reservation Bill. Union Law minister Arjunram Meghwal tabled this bill in the lok sabha yesterday after the Union cabinet approved the bill to provide 33 percent reservation for women in the lok sabha and state legislatures. According to the bill, the system of providing 33 percent reservation for women will come into effect only after implementation of population census and constituency re-delimitation. The debate on the Women's Reservation Bill is going on today. Senior congress leader sonia gandhi initiated the debate. After this, when the DMK mp kanimozhi started talking about this bill, the bjp MPs shouted. kanimozhi mp replied, “I have not started speaking yet. How about shouting in hindi by then? I don't understand whatever hindi you speak.” He replied. Also, quoting father Periyar, “We respect women; Men's pretense of fighting for their freedom is a ploy to deceive women.” He scolded.
Subsequently, the Nationalist congress mp there. With opposition MPs including supriya sule voicing their support for kanimozhi, is this the respect bjp gives to women? They questioned. kanimozhi mp who continued to speak, said that we accept this bill; We support But, unfortunately bjp is politicizing it, he said. This bill providing reservation for women was first introduced in parliament in 1996. The government led by prime minister Deve Gowda, who ruled with the support of parties including the DMK, brought this bill at that time. He pointed out that DMK had supported that bill then.
Later, the bill was brought back when Vajpayee was the Prime Minister. At that time the bill was not passed. For the first time this bill was passed in the rajya sabha during the manmohan singh regime. Then, I spoke in support of this bill. However, kanimozhi mentioned that the bill was not passed in the Lok Sabha. “13 years after I supported this bill, I am still speaking. We have been talking about this for 13 years. But, it has not been brought into law.” kanimozhi pointed out. kanimozhi recalled the steps taken by the parties DMK and congress to bring reservation bill for women. kanimozhi mp, quoting Bharathi's song, "We have come to conduct women in the field of ruling titles and making laws," said kanimozhi mp, "When this bill was tabled, my mind is completely happy. However, it is not yet known when it will come into force. It can be understood that the bjp has brought this bill keeping in mind the 2024 parliamentary elections.” He said.
Why are you linking this bill with constituency redistricting? kanimozhi mp questioned, this bill is not a privilege for women; He said the right. Also, he mentioned women leaders like Indira Gandhi, Jayalalithaa, sushma Swaraj, sonia gandhi, mamata banerjee, mayawati and highlighted the strength of women. This speech of kanimozhi is going viral. Many people are praising him.

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