Arguments in vijayawada ACB court on tdp chief Chandrababu Naidu's custody petition in ap skill development scam have been completed. The judge announced that he will deliver the verdict today morning. AAG Ponnavolu sudhakar Reddy on behalf of CID, supreme court Senior Advocate siddharth Luthra heard arguments on behalf of Chandrababu. CID has asked to hand over Chandrababu to custody for five days. Ponnavolu said that there is clear evidence that Rs.371 crore was misappropriated in the ap skill development scam. sudhakar Reddy argued that all matters will come out only if Chandrababu is taken into custody and interrogated.
Siddharth Luthra and siddharth Aggarwal argued on behalf of Chandrababu. He brought to the attention of the court that the CID did not seek custody on september 10, when the tdp chief was produced in the court, and how the memo would be filed the next day. siddharth Luthra questioned how the investigation officer can change the decision within 24 hours. He argued that the process of arresting Chandrababu was against the rules, how can he ask for custody with old facts. They argued that after arresting Chandrababu and interrogating him for a few hours, the CID said that everything was recovered, then why should he be taken into custody again.

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