Former bjp mla in punjab Arun Narang joined aam aadmi party on Wednesday. cm Bhagwant Mann got

him membership of AAP. Narang has been the mla from Abohar assembly seat of Fazilka district. He was

angry with sunil Jakhar being made the state bjp president. It is said that during the movement against

agricultural laws, Arun Narang had to face the anger of the farmers in his area. Both Jakhar and Narang belong

to Abohar.

After getting the membership, a picture was shared on the twitter handle of AAP’s punjab unit in which Arun

Narang and cm Mann are seen sitting on the sofa together. It is written in the tweet, Your family is

continuously growing in Punjab. Impressed by the people-friendly policies of the Mann government, former

bjp mla from Abohar Arun Narang joined the aam aadmi party under the leadership of cm Bhagwant


It is noteworthy that after bjp made sunil Jakhar the state president of punjab, Arun Narang had accused the

party of disregarding the old people and not respecting them. Along with this, he resigned from his post in BJP.

He had said. Those who have been working for 40-50 years should be given command in the party. They have

been disregarded. The party did not give respect to the old workers. Who suffered and worked for the party

during the farmers' movement. Arun Narang had said that the old bjp leadership does not survive in Punjab.

He will not hold any post in the party but will continue to work for the country, PM narendra modi and BJP.

However, now he has joined the Aam Aadmi Party.

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