His son's illness inspired him to start the business. As a result, this IIT graduate, who resigned from the government job, started the RO industry at home with a capital of only 20,000.

Sometimes an event in our life seems to take a new direction. There are many great men who have followed such a path and achieved success. Mahesh Gupta is one of them. When it was discovered that the source of his son's illness was contaminated water, a new idea arose in him. Contaminated water can spread many diseases. That's when Gupta comes up with the idea of preparing a machine to purify water. As a result, he starts an RO company. The name of this company is Kent R.O. Today Kent is a household name brand among RO companies. Mahesh Gupta, an IIT graduate, was working in the government sector. However, when the idea of starting an RO company arose, he resigned from the government job and tried his luck in a new business.

An engineering graduate from IIT kanpur, Mahesh Gupta worked in the government sector and led a middle-class life. Meanwhile, Mahesh felt the urge to do something of his own. His son's illness prompted him to start a new venture. As a result, he started the company Kent R.O. Born on september 24, 1954 in Delhi, Mahesh Gupta was very smart in reading. His father was a section officer in the Ministry of Finance. His whole family lived in a small house. Gupta, who completed his education at Lodhi Road, Delhi, completed his Mechanical Engineering at IIT kanpur in 1977. He then completed his post graduation from the indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun.

In 1977, Mahesh Gupta got a job in the state-owned indian oil Company. In 1988, Gupta resigned from his government job and started an oil meter business in Noida. On this occasion his son contracted jaundice. Knowing that polluted water was the cause of this, Gupta set out to find a solution to this problem. Then he got the idea of establishing an RO organization. As a result, Kent founded the RO Institute. His osmosis based water purification machine became a success. Today Kent is the most popular RO brand in India. Gupta bought Kent R.O. for just Rs.20,000. Started with capital. Today this company is doing more than Rs.1000 crores. He started 'Kent R O System' in the small room of his house. The company started with just four employees and today has over 300 employees. Gupta also ensured that the water purification machine he prepared was of high quality. Within a short period of time, their water purifiers have gained popularity in the market.

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