Shiv Sena-UBT leader and former maharashtra minister Aditya thackeray reached Padhurna in Chhindwara to

participate in the unveiling program of the statue of Chhatrapati shivaji Maharaj. Here he also addressed the

public meeting. Aditya thackeray said from the stage, kamal nath ji, I want to see you on the CM’s chair, tell

me the date of swearing in.

A public meeting was organized at MPL Ground in Pandhurna. While addressing the public meeting,

maharashtra mla and former minister Aditya thackeray attacked the bjp government of the state and the

centre. Aditya thackeray asked the people who came to the meeting, what were the prices of gas, petrol and

diesel before 2014 and what are they now. Let us tell you that for the first time in the state politics, leaders of

Congress and shiv sena (Uddhav faction) have been seen on the same stage.

maharashtra cm targeted from madhya pradesh soil

While addressing the public meeting, Aditya thackeray also targeted maharashtra cm Eknath Shinde from the

soil of Madhya Pradesh. Aditya thackeray said that recently there was a program in Chhatrapati Sambhaji

Nagar. There the illegal cm was drawing lots as to what name should be given to the lion’s cub. The name

Shravani appeared in the first letter. He kept the name, the name appeared in the second letter - Aditya, he got

scared and kept the letter aside.

Kamal Nath's claim, bala Saheb had supported emergency

During the program, former cm kamal nath, while narrating stories from the time of Emergency, said from the

stage that Sanjay gandhi talked to bala Saheb at that time. Asked me to go to Mumbai. I asked what to go,

what to talk about. He said that he has to convince bala Saheb to support the emergency. I went to Mumbai,

talked to bala Saheb for two and a half hours. I said that you know there is an emergency in the country, so

many parties are protesting. He interrupted and said that shiv sena is supporting you.

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