The school Education Department has proposed a day-by-day menu for free breakfast to be served to government school students as part of the State government's flagship programme "Chief Minister's Breakfast" (Mukhyamantri Alpahara). The menu includes filling millet "rava khichdi" along with piping hot "sambar," delectable "rava pongal" and "sambar," and tasty wheat "rava khichdi"
Before the morning prayer at 9.30 am, the breakfast will be made at the school and provided to the pupils piping hot. The department's stunning 23,05,801 children will benefit from the breakfast programme, which will be introduced as a dasara gift to kids on october 24. These students attend 28,807 schools, including government and local body schools, aided schools, model schools, and madrasas.

The State government made free breakfast available to pupils in Classes I through X in order to improve their nutritional health and lessen the load on working moms. This would also improve their academic performance. The government had already introduced Ragi Java to pupils in public and private schools. The millet-based supplement is given to pupils in upper primary on every other day. It is combined with jaggery.

Government and local body schoolchildren have already started receiving free lunches from the government. students are given fine rice, dal, sambar, vegetable curry, legume vegetable curry, and special rice kinds such vegetable biryani, "bagara" rice, and "pulihora" as part of the meal.

The government added eggs, which are offered to pupils three times a week, to the midday meal to increase its protein content. The cost of providing classes I through VIII pupils with a midday meal is split 60:40 between the Central and State governments. However, the State government alone covers the cost of meals for students in classes IX and X as well as the cost of eggs for students in classes I through X.

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