The telangana Congress' OBC branch has planned to meet with the party high command in New delhi in response to the State leadership's lack of consideration for community leaders when allocating tickets to run in the next assembly elections. This is true even if the OBC unit's plea to provide community leaders two tickets in each Parliamentary constituency impressed the party high leadership. The State leadership has learned to have diverse strategies, particularly by giving other community leaders great attention.

According to a top congress bc politician, representatives from higher caste communities were preferred for the telangana congress, citing surveys, their financial circumstances, and other factors. It's interesting that 83 bc politicians paid Rs. 50,000 each to apply for seats. The party high command had ordered the State leadership to provide bc leaders at least 40 tickets, but the local leaders in this area, the leader claimed, were not eager to give even 30 tickets.

A few senior officials attempted to contrast candidates for the bc ticket from the same constituency who were financially strong with others who were not. The leader said that this was being done to guarantee that there were divisions among the bc community leaders in the party. All these topics were thoroughly explored during the OBC conference that took place on sunday at gandhi Bhavan. The head of the campaign committee, Madhuyaskhi Goud, said that the high command had pledged to provide community leaders two tickets from each Parliamentary constituency.

"Elections cannot be contested based just on the results of a few surveys; the party must also have a socially balanced membership. On monday in New delhi, we will meet with the presidents of the Parliamentary party, sonia gandhi and mallikarjun Kharge, according to Goud.

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