Reportedly aam aadmi party (AAP) leader and suspended rajya sabha MP sanjay singh has given a statement after the

women Reservation Bill was passed in the lok sabha and rajya sabha, ...Tell the central government one

thing. Have been in power for 10 years. Did they come to know only yesterday that census and delimitation is

to be held? Was this not already known? The truth is that these sections have been added with the intention of

not implementing this bill. If you wanted this, you could have passed it in 2014 and implemented it in 2019.

By passing it in 2019, it could have been implemented in the lok sabha elections 2024. This is the Fool

women bill. In 2024, half of the country’s population will come together and defeat them.

In his statement, Sanyaj Singh further said that the country is tired of listening to the speeches and

catchphrases of bjp leaders. Tell us one thing, bjp has been in power for ten years. Has bjp gained

knowledge yesterday that delimitation is necessary to implement reservation? Therefore, I consider this bill of

bjp as a bill to fool women. It is important that a bill should be implemented as per the demands of women,

so that women get 33 percent reservation and sc and OBC women can also get its benefit.

Many generations will remember Bill

Let us tell you that after the passing of the Women’s Reservation Bill in lok sabha and rajya sabha, while

bjp leaders are seen full of enthusiasm, work is going on in the opposition camp on the strategy to curb it.

bjp leaders have described the Women’s Bill as historic and said that it will not only provide representation to

women, but will also benefit the entire women’s society. PM Modi, while meeting party workers at the BJP

office on Friday, said that this bill will be remembered by many generations.

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