The YSRCP uses several strategies to take credit for the purported improvements they brought about in Andhra Pradesh. Roja recently made a peculiar remark, which is gaining traction on social media. Today in the ap legislature, Roja said that Jagan's growth and reformation efforts had been so effective that males in ap are now having to ask their wives for pocket money.

"Jagan has significantly improved the state and helped women in particular. Men are now stealing men from their wives and kids in order to pay their bills. Roja said at the assembly that jagan has greatly increased the status of women. This prompted a number of remarks on Roja and the YCP. Why would these men, who Roja claims will have to depend on their wives and children for money, if jagan truly purchased so many changes and accomplished so much development?

With the possibilities jagan has provided, shouldn't they be working to support themselves? Roja is contradicting herself in her bizarre views, a netizen said. For a while now, there have been rumours that fiery ysr congress party leader and state tourism minister r k roja would not be handed the party's nomination for the next assembly elections in the state because of a number of polls the party had her participate in that did not reflect well on her.

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