Reportedly when chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan came to campaign for bjp in rajasthan, on november 22, Kamal

Nath targeted him for the last time. kamal nath wrote on social media platform Made you number one in scams,

made you number one in atrocities against women, made you number one in tribal atrocities and made you

number one in unemployment. Tell me about your achievements, how you did dumper scam, Vyapam scam,

Mahakal Lok scam, Patwari scam. You did a recruitment scam, a constable recruitment scam and brought the

name of madhya pradesh into disrepute with the scam. That’s why neither the people of madhya pradesh trust

your words now nor will the people of rajasthan waste their time in listening to your announcement machine.

CM Shivraj’s reaction on rahul Gandhi’s statement

Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan also reacted sharply on november 22 to congress leader rahul Gandhi’s

statement calling prime minister Narendra Modi a panauti. chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan wrote on social

media that, rahul gandhi is a national shame. He is so full of hatred against respected prime minister Narendra

Modi that he expressed happiness over the country's defeat. When the entire public had tears in their eyes. , then

Rahul gandhi was celebrating, there cannot be a bigger example of inferiority than this. rahul Baba will accept

this by eliminating congress with his such statements.

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