This time, bjp is seeing a bumper victory in the madhya pradesh assembly elections, while after the victory in

this election, bjp candidate from Harsud assembly and State Forest minister Vijay Shah has made a record of

victory for the eighth consecutive time. Shah said that he has been winning continuously for 40 years. Along with

this, he also targeted rahul gandhi and called him a fraud. He said that wherever he goes he comes back only

after settling the matter.

BJP’s lotus has once again bloomed in this assembly election from all four assembly constituencies of Khandwa

district, but in Harsud assembly of the district, for the eighth consecutive time, bjp candidate and state forest

minister Vijay Shah has emerged victorious. When Vijay Shah was discussed about his victory and his continuous

victory for forty years, he also spoke openly to the media.

When bjp candidate from Harsud assembly Vijay Shah was asked about his eighth consecutive victory, he said

that eight times means it is going to be 40 years. It is a great honor and a matter of good fortune to be a public

representative for 40 years in one's life. I am indebted to the people of Harsud for making me win for the eighth

time which I could never have imagined and this is not only in india but in the entire world, I am the only tribal

leader who is winning for the eighth time.

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